Denaさんのブログから本物のお花を使った3D Valentine’s Day CardのDIYのご紹介です

今回は本物のお花を使った3D Valentine's Day CardのDIYです!

Make your Valentine feel special this holiday with a super fun and easy 3D Valentine’s Day card that features real flowers!

・Plastic Floral Tube filled with water
・Picture Frame without the glass
・Cardstock Paper (sized to fit inside your frame)
・Duct Tape
・Scissors or X-acto Knife
・Small Fresh Flowers
・Water Color Paint and Small Brushes

1. Find a small frame to make your 3D Valentines Day Card.
2. Paint leaves or print a design onto cardstock paper that fits inside the frame.
3. Using a scissor or an X-ACTO Knife Cut a small hole into your paper. This is where your flower stems will be placed
4. Place the stems of the flowers through the hole in your card and tuck them through to the other side and insert them inside the water filled plastic tube.
5. Now attach the floral tube to the back of the card using duct tape.
6. Write a sweet message to your Valentine!